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Over the 14 years of operational growth, DRT has established and maintains an active safety program for its employees as well as a full complement of insurance and benefit opportunities. Employees are presented with various training opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the total oilfield function and equip them to better service the needs of our client base. This office offers excellent conference facilities available to operators which they may use for prespud meetings or technical discussions with other services in order to more efficiently plan and execute their operational requirements. Drill Right is involved in participation with select drilling opportunities that meet its criterion as a service to aid in lowering dry hole costs for operators. The Drill Right family invites customers to visit our location whenever they can, as these state of the art facilities will help show why Drill Right is experiencing the growth and success it enjoys.


My name is Darrell Husted, I am President and CEO of Drill Right.This company exist to provide excellence in the directional/horizontal drilling service sector of the oil and gas industry. If we can be a service to you please call us



Glaive is a state-of-the-art directional drilling software suite. It enables our customers to have 24 hour real-time access to surveys, plots, and well data.


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